Thursday, February 3, 2011

I-products? I-government? I laugh.

My mom's friend showed me this video a few months ago.  Please watch:

I was reminded of this video recently while thinking about the power of technology and the media.  While these actors use humour, and I-products to question the government's involvment in Iraq and Iran, hopefully this made us all question how we deal with other's properties and their business.  We may not always know what is best for others if we are not already in their shoes.  

This video, found on youtube, is accessible all over the world (unless it has been blocked by certain companies, countries etc) to anyone who wants to view it.  It is named "Irack" and not "Iraq", possibly to cover any immediate or obvious name dropping.  But, using the free site, youtube, and using a company product so well-known around the world, Apple, this video is accessible physically and technically to today's youth.  Although the involvement of North Amerincan governments in the war in Iraq is not too new, it is constant and no longer get placed as top news in our papers and online.  Today's youth may not even know what really happened if they were not old enough to fully understand what happend on 9-11.  This video, using a medium "normal" to youth has explained this uncomfortable subject.

As a second example of how youtube videos have been used to explain and comfortably discuss terrible world issues, please watch this next video:

Although the BP oil spill caused exponentially more problems than a coffee spill, it is funny to watch something so terrible to reduced to a situation which could be so easily fixed.


  1. I enjoy mad tvs apple jokes. I've never seen iRack. You should check out the link I posted about the iPhone the other week on my blog. It's also pretty funny.

  2. Hey Liz,

    Good post.

    A tip for you: if you want to embed the videos, instead of just posting the link, you can go "insert video" and then go to the "from YouTube" link, and then find it there. If that doesn't work, then ask and I'll show you how to embed HTML.

    -Matt N.

  3. Derek: I saw that one. It's pretty good!

    Matt: I was able to insert one of the videos, but the other cannot be embeded. Any tips?

  4. I absolutely LOVE these videos. Both are wonderful examples of satire... and the iRack video really does carry a commentary on just how insane our iCulture has become. Awareness spread through mediums like YouTube is far more potent and powerful than awareness spread through other sources it seems, and this is probably a good thing to remember when we want to make a point that will resonate with the students in our class.