Thursday, January 13, 2011

Second Post (First real one)

"Participants will produce a personal blog and use it to comment on aspects of educational technology...The task is to comment an ony ONE feature of each week's classes."

My topic for today...Powerpoint misuses:

For Tuesday's class, each student (in a small group) had to prepare the worst powerpoint presentation they could possibly make.  Each group was given a specific "fault", but were allowed to expand and use other faults.  My group was given the task of creating a presentation overwhelmed with bells and whistles, sounds and movement.  While presenting the topic, Yoda, titles moved around the screen, sentenses appeared and dissapeared, and sounds took over from the speaker.  All in all, it was a hilariously bad powerpoint, but it made a point.  What are we actually teaching our students when we use technology?  Are we just overwhelming them with extra, unnecessary bells and whistles or are we actually teaching them content? I'm not sure how many of my classmates remember that our presentation was about Yoda, and if they do, how many of them remember what facts I presented to them.  As teachers, we need to make sure that our subject area and our lesson does not get overrun by the use of technology for the sake of technology.

Death by powerpoint:



  1. You rock my world! You present some fantastic points. Also, I love this photo :)

  2. Love the comic Liz! I remember some of the content of the presentation mostly because it was humourous (Yoda lives in a hut made of mud and is 700 years old!) You make a good point though, how often do we make a powerpoint presentation for all of our group presentations only because it's expected of us? I remember even in high school when powerpoint presentations were few and far between. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and look at different ways of presenting information.

  3. Liz, awesome cartoon...
    Vanessa, did you just insert another form of digital medium into the already digital blog format (i.e. *like*). This world is going to hell in a handbasket.

    As far as what Steph said above, it is sad when people can't present without any type of digital aid. I say make a great lesson, and then add a dash of technology for seasoning. Just to spice it up a notch. (I'm picturing Futurama right now)